Biz Neysek? Manifesto



Know your truth. Live your truth.


Since the beginning of human existence, theology, philosophy and science have all searched for an answer to one key question. Why are we here? There is, of course, a reason of our existence or maybe several reasons. As a woman, I must say that I am not here to be suppressed or enslaved by other gender, under the teachings of traditions, cultural attributes and belief systems.


It is time to know our worth.

It is time to live life with our worth.

It is time to love our selves.


Each and every one of us has a value in our existence beyond our gender and our sexual identity.


“Biz Neysek” (What We Are) is a song about women owning their existence, owning their bodies and having a say about their lives, at the same time celebrating women who do so. The song carries a positive strong message and with a humorous chorus brings attention to the objectification of women. I wrote this song because of recent political statements about women and because of the backwards steps being taken, as if we are turning back towards medieval ages. But we have come too far to turn back. Women are able to think and make decisions about their future and their body. Women are able to make their own choices. Women are able to speak and voice their opinion.


With “Biz Neysek”, I would like to counter the negative impact of socio-cultural prejudices on women, help free people from separatist perspective based on human gender and help raise awareness of objectifying female existence. 


Please join me in making a difference, to help make a better world for all of us.



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