Brave lyrics are for women’s rights…


Brave lyrics are for women’s rights…

Sultana made a fast move into music scene with courageous lyrics in her song ‘Kuşu Kalkmaz’, now again she is back with another brave song ‘Biz Neysek’. She has been making difference in rap music for the last 15 years. ‘Biz Neysek’ is a social responsibility project touching issues of female-male inequality…

•We haven’t seen you a long time…

I’ve been here, just don’t live my life in tabloid style. I’ve continued my music works and been searching for different styles. About year and half ago I wrote ‘Biz Neysek’

•You actually have an architectural background…

When I was living in Europe and the States I did work in architecture field. Since my second album I’ve been making music only. Sometimes I help decorating homes of my close friends. 

“Women should not be looked as a sexual objects”

•Turkey got to know you first with the song ‘Kuşu Kalkmaz’. Since those years, how much has hip-hop evolved in Turkey? 

I left my interest in Turkish hip-hop scene in 2010. Back then with my friend Mike Norman, we worked to create a platform for rappers to perform. I wanted to give support to those who dedicated their heart in this music. Unfortunately “if that person is there then I’m not in it..” attitude of rappers didn’t help. That was the end point for me. 

•Did you create Hip-Hop Alla Turca style? 

I believe that it’s best when music represent the truth of the artist. I was born in Kayseri. I have Anatolia culture within and European culture. I manifested a good balance of both in my music. 

•Language of sexuality in your songs has been critiqued a lot…

That I do it on purpose. It is a subject to be talked about. A woman can easily be seen as a sexual object but she is not accepted as a sexual being who owns her identity. I specifically wanted to bring attention on this matter. 

•What message are you giving in new song ‘Biz Neysek’ ? 

Unfortunately things going backwards. For instance, youth is being raised far from sports and arts. Creativity is limited. There’s also religious pressure. Quality of education is dropping, violance against women is on the rise. I wanted to raise awareness on such issues. ‘Biz Neysek’ talks about women owning their life, owning their body. 

•What reactions did you get? 

The song has been liked by many. Especially liberated women free from all prejudice show good response. On March 8th, lyrics from the song were used on banners for the opening of Women’s Center in Besiktas.

“We tend to neglect love for self”

•You are saying “men’s minds and thoughts…” in ‘Biz Neysek’. Really what their minds are about?

In this country women’s existence is secondary to men and women’s identity find value with support or approval of men. I wanted to send a message saying we all are valuable beings regardless of differences of our gender.

•”My skirt is short, so what? I cover my hair, so what?” Are you trying to tell about the marginilization in the recent years? 

It is a terrible mentality to raise young girls by implying things like “if you wear a mini-skirt then bad things can happen to you”. Certain lifestyles are emposed on people under the religious teaching. A true belief is something valuable and sacred and it cannot be questioned. And by not questioning world is being painted to tar. I’m against slavery of women under religious education.

•What is your next project? 

I want to make this song in English. I was asked to have it also done in Afghanistan version and Pakistani as well. I’d love to turn this into a global project. 

•Let’s talk about love… Did you find the prince of your heart? 

I’m not with anyone at the moment. I like it like this for the time being. Like in my lyrics, since childhood we dream for our prince on a white horse. And we can’t find and its such a disappointment. We tend to neglect love for the self while looking for a prince. First comes love within self. 

“I live my life as timeless and ageless”

•What traits do you look for in men? 

Recently I made a list with a friend of mine. Top of my list is, must be single. Monogamist. Second, non-smoker and third, someone who likes dancing and music. Someone who speaks English. Sportive. Briefly someone like me. 

•What do you do to stay young? 

I live my life as timeless and ageless. ‘What you eat that’s what you are. What you think that’s who you become’ has been my life philosophy. I do a lot of sports. During a week I run about 20 km. Soon in my blog I will share some of these fitness routines. I will also share my recipes.

•Do you like cooking ? 

I love cooking. I think that I’m good at it. I like fusing world cuisine.

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