I Can Love You

i can love you

I Can Love You

I can love you

Love you like the deepest ocean loves its cool vastness 

I can love you

Love you like the sky above loves its limitless blue

I can love you 

Like the wind loves its freedom

A love like a moment loves its eternity 

No beginning and no end

I can love you 

Love you like the dance loves its rhythm 


Sultana © 2017


Little note about my poem: I see the world through a child’s eye. Aren’t we all just a bunch of kids still trying understand life? While playing the grown up game, we continue seeking love. Seeing love in our existence, is like seeing perfection harmoniously. Happiness and love is at harmony with nature. So, I wish everyone, young and old, single or combined a Happy and Harmonious Love Day!


A big thank you to Cloudnames for their love and support! It has been a truly wonderful journey to set-up my Music website and promote it over social media with great professionals.  www.cloudnames.com


Please share your love poems or lyrics! I’d love to hear some of your innocent thoughts and feelings about love- hey, maybe we can even attempt to sing it together?

  • Sultana, you are indeed a rare and wonderful person. And just think, I haven’t even heard you sing yet.

    Your friend,


    May 19, 2017 at 9:58 am

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