March 8 


March 8 

legacy begins
her-story no more history 
materialistic mood swings
psychologically impeded psychoanalysis
metamorphosis of she
came along way
still he pimps her in a strong way
thousands of years
with reflected beliefs of 
female creation
for male egotistic needs
living with Eve’s guilt of apple treats to Adam 
but madam ! 
accesoire existence
homemaking skills to home breaking
sexual awakening
after faking for years
delinquent matters
committed relation-ship
he- still pimps
as in
naked she-s
on the cover of magazines
as in
shaking ass she-s
in video scenes
as in
sweet teens far-eastern babes
nightclub bates
miserable missionary dates
as in 
tribal she-s
carrying the load
being sold for an exchange to a goat
so the story is told
identity reveals with realization
prophetical manifestation
material gains
in this material world
siliconed sex dolls
in the state of being material girls
as yet
the word is
…gender genocide

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  • Philip Clemence

    Finding some music for these words?
    Needs a hard beat 😀

    October 3, 2018 at 7:10 pm

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