Sultana, songwriter, rapper, singer, producer, performer.

Single Albums

Biz Neysek -2015


Şöhret Yolu (Pozitif Records) -2008

Çerkez Kızı (Doublemoon Records) -2000


Konqistador-Nafada 2019

Delerium-Chimera -2003

Burhan Öçal&Jamaaladeen Tacuma-Groove Alla Turca -1999

Turkish rap singer Sultana was born in Kayseri. After graduating from Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkiye), with a Fine Arts degree BA in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Sultana ventured to the West, to Rome (Italy) and then to San Francisco (USA). Working in the field of architecture, Sultana unleashed her creativity in writing lyrics which later led her to move to New York (USA) where her musical journey began. Working with musicians and beat makers from New York, Berlin and Istanbul, Sultana co-produced of her debut album, Cerkez Kizi (Circassian Girl) which was released by Doublemoon Records in 2000.    The title of the album means ‘Circassian Girl’ which reflects Sultana’s part Circassian identity. The success of this album was due to the way that Sultana combined her native traditions with the ways of the West. This was reflected in an artistic mix that gave appeal to her music as quoted by Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records, "Sultana is both a poet, a wit, a rapper, and a terrific Singer, as well as being a beautiful young lady. This fine recording is in many ways a first time ever". In the summer of 2000, her music video “Kuşu Kalkmaz” was banned by the country’s Supreme Board of Radio & TV (RTÜK), because the song had created a controversy questioning certain traditions, mysogynistic attitudes and domestic violence. Throughout the year of 2001, the artist participated in Europe and America tours with Ilhan Ersahin and performed with Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Burhan Öçal on world event stages. Delerium’s Chimera album came out in 2003 featuring Sultana in “Forever After”. Sultana continued promoting and supporting women’s rights through her music when she produced her second album, Şöhret Yolu, in Istanbul, in 2008. 2015 was the year of her social responsibility song, “Biz Neysek”. empowering women and raising awareness for female existence. 2019 in collaboration with Konqistador, Sultana appeared on “Nafada“ rapping in English, in demand to ‘rise above hate’. Celebrated for challenging convention and preconceived notions within Turkish society and described by the Sunday Times (London) as a symbol of her city’s modern movement, Sultana continues her work in Istanbul (Turkiye).